Cape Umbrellas Catalogue

NO ROPES NO PULLEYS NO CRANKS A utomatic L ifting S ystem Effor tless opening and closing of your patio umbrella. Our A.L.S range of umbrellas is our flagship product, boasting a unique, self-opening lifting system for effortless and safe use. This ingenious system and design has been patented worldwide and is ideal for the hospitality and corporate sectors.These umbrellas are virtually maintenance free and lock into place automatically. You don’t have to struggle with ropes, pulleys, pins or cranks. To open the umbrella Simply lift the arm until the A.L.S takes over, lifting the umbrella until it is fully open. The hub will lock into place automatically, so no holding pin is required. To close the umbrella Simply pull down on the hub until the A.L.S takes over and closes the umbrella automatically. TAKE A LOOK AT OUR ALS VIDEO ON YOUTUBE Our umbrellas are fitted with an automatic lifting system making opening and closing your umbrella hassle free.